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Oct 23, 2012 5:30pm EDT ttat ffcused primarilyon foreign policy. 33ppesident obama....nd mitt romneysquared off...on theer ccmmitmentto israel...and how middle eastt.john rydell has more...on howbaltimore's pewish last nighh'ss ddbatee..john... whichcandidate... "is"...andd will be....the strongestt defender.... of israel. israel. folks at lifebriddehealth and fiiness...are talking politics. stiil the two presidentiil ccndidates...view foreign policy."i look at wwrld anddi see iran fouu e years closer to the bomb, i see the middll eass with a rising tide of vvolence, chaos, tulmolt.""when it comee po going after osama bii paden.""anddi said if iigot bin laden in our sights, i woull taae shot, ou aid we shouldn't move heaven and think both candddates came across "and i thinn both one man."heavennand earth to et onn man.""and i think both but i think rooney a little bit strongee.""in the long run, both offthem would proteet israee in the long believe whateverrthey want to believe, obama as been tremendous suupprter of israel."kimberly katz... is
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1